When they were initially introduced, web-based casinos had an undeniable impact on the game of Blackjack. Instead of an actual person dealing real cards from a conventional shoe, players received cards in the form of computer graphics that were determined by something called a random number generator, or RNG for short.

More recently, web-based blackjack has assumed a more familiar style. With what’s known as “live dealer blackjack,” individuals can see a real dealer deal physical cards, the same way they can at material casinos. There are some benefits to playing live dealer blackjack in place of the more familiar online version of the game.

Live Dealer Blackjack Online


Put simply, live blackjack online involves a professional dealer handing out cards to web-based players in real time. As usual, players place wagers while the dealer observes. Unlike in brick-and-mortar casinos, grubby chips are not used and people place their bets though electronic means. After each player bets, a blackjack shoe is used while the dealer hands out cards. A camera focused on the table enables players to see what’s going on for themselves. Some sites let their players talk among themselves as a dealer deals a hand. Other sites allow individuals to pick the dealer they want at their table. And this enables people to have a more authentic experience playing blackjack.

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Live blackjack online is not tied to any random number generator, unlike the computer-generated blackjack games generally offered by web-based casinos. Random number generators are algorithms that guarantee the outcomes produced by slot machines are as random as possible. Because of computer limitations, seemingly random numbers are not actually random, but that’s a subject that involves too much detail to be discussed here. In a game of live dealer blackjack, people can see their dealer shuffle and cut the cards.

Another point, a very important point for serious blackjack players, is that live dealer blackjack uses traditional blackjack shoes to deal cards. This means that, until a dealer has to shuffle the cards again, only a certain number of the cards will be in the blackjack shoe. This fact enables people to perfect their card counting skills or use their abilities to secure an advantage during play.

It’s common knowledge that blackjack players can only get a leg up on a casino by counting cards. Unfortunately, counting cards is more difficult to do at brick & mortar casinos as they will not permit a card counter to play. With live blackjack on the Internet, casinos can’t discern a card counter from someone who isn’t. If someone just learned to count cards, he or she may be better served by practicing at an Internet-based casino instead of a brick-and-mortar establishment because the stakes will usually be much lower.

You could practice your card counting playing the live dealer game online, and then take your skills to Las Vegas!

Web-based casinos have continually focused on the best interests of their visitors. Even though live dealer blackjack is a comparatively recent development, it addresses the desires of people wanting a genuine casino experience in the comfort of their homes. In place of computer-made graphics, players look at real cards as they are handed out to them. People can talk to each other and their dealer and card counting emerges as a very real possibility. Even if a blackjack player is hesitant, he or she should still give live dealer blackjack a chance. They will really appreciate the experience.

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